Board Policies

Section A: Board Governance

AC – Nondiscrimination

AC-AR Discrimination Complaint Procedure

ACB All Students Belong

ACB-AR Bias Incident Complaint Procedure

AE Public Charter School Goals

Section B: Operations

BBA Boards Powers and Duties

BBAA- Individual Board Member’s Authority & Responsibilities

BBD-BDA- Public Charter School Board Meetings

BBF – Board Member Standards of Conduct

BBFA Board Member Ethics and Conflict of Interest

BBFB Board Member Ethics and Nepotism

BDB Special and Emergency Board Meetings

BDC- Executive Sessions

BDC-AR Executive Session – News Media

BDD Board Meeting Procedures

BDDC Board Meeting Agenda

BDDG Board Meeting Minutes

BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings

BFC- Adoption & Revision of Policies

BFCA Administrative Regulations

BHD Board Member Reimbursement

BHE Board Member Liability Insurance

Section C: General School Administration

CCG-Licensed Evaluation Administrator

Section G: Personnel

GA – Personnel Policy Goals

GAA – Personnel Definitions

GAB – Job Descriptions

GB – General Personnel Policies

GBA – Equal Employment Opportunity

GBA-AR – Veterans’ Preference

GBAA – Fair Labor Standards Act

GBB – Board-Staff Communications

GBC – Staff Ethics

GBC – Conflict of Interest

GBC-2 Employee Conflict of Interest

GBDA Mother Friendly Workplace

GBLA Disclosure of Information

GCAB Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media


GCBDD PBCCS Sick Leave Policy 08 2016 (1)

GBDA Mother Friendly Workplace

GBE-AR Staff Health & Safety Rules

GBEA – Workplace Harassment

GBEA – Worker’s Comp

GBEA-AR Workplace Harassment Reporting and Procedure

GBEB Communicable Diseases – Staff

GBEB AR Communicable Diseases – Staff



GBEBAA – HIV, Aids, Bloodborne Pathogens – Staff

GBEC – Drug free Workplace

GBEC – Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Free Workplace

GBED – Medical Examinations-Drug Testing

GBED – Pre-Employment Drug Testing & Physicals

GBED-AR – Pre Employment, Post-Offer Physical – Drug Testing

GBK_KGC Tobacco Products

GBNA- Hazing-Harassment-Intimidation-Cyberbullying-Menacing – Staff

GBNA-AR Hazing-Harassment-Intimidation-Cyberbullying-Menacing – Complaint

GCAB Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media

GCBDA – Family Medical Leave

GCDA – Criminal Records Check – Fingerprinting

GCDA-AR Criminal Records – Fingerprinting

GCN-AR-CORE-Teaching Standards

GCPD Discipline & Dismissal

GCQB – Professional Research, Publishing, Etc.

GDN-AR-Evaluation of Classified Staff

IPM Plan Powell Butte Community Charter School 08.16

Appendix A Low_Impact_Pesticide_List

Section I: Instruction

IBAB-JO – Education Records – Students with Disabilities

IGAEB -Drug-Alcohol-Tobacco Prevention-HealthEducation

IGBAB-JO-AR – Education Records of Students w-Disabilities Management

IGBBA – Identification TAG

IGBBA-AR – Appeal Procedure TAG Identification

IGBBC – Programs and Services Talented & Gifted

IHB-AR_Application_for_Enrollment_Procedure Purposed Revisions

IIBGA Electronic Communications System

IIBGA AR Electronic Communications System

IKF Graduation Requirements

IKF-AR Graduation Requirements

Section J: Students

JB – Equal Educational Opportunity

JBA-GBN – Sexual Harassment

JBA-GBN AR 1 – Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

JBA-GBN AR 2 – Federal Law (Title IX) Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

JED – Student Absences and Excuses

JEDB Continuous Enrollment-Distant Learning

JF – Student Rights-Responsibilities

JFC – Student Conduct

JFCEB – Personal Electronic Devices

JFCF Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying – Studen

JFCF-AR – Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying Reporting Procedures

JFCJ – Weapons in Schools

JFCM – Threats of Violence

JFGC Alcohol – Tobacco – Drugs

JG Student Discipline

JGA – Corporal Punishment

JGAB – Use of Restraint & Seclusion

JGAB-AR – Use of Restraint & Seclusion AR

JGD – Suspension

JGDA -Student Discipline

JGE – Expulsion

JGEA -AR – Discipline of Students w-Disabilities

JHCC Communicable Diseases – Students

JHCC AR Communicable Diseases – Student

JHCD-JHCDA Medications

JHCD-JHCDA Medications AR 

JHCDA – Prescription Medications

JHFE- AR Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse

JHFF Reporting Sexual Conduct with Students 

JHFF AR Reporting Sexual Conduct with Students

JOA – Directory Information

JOB – Personally Identifiable Information

JFC – Student Conduct

Section K: School Community Relations

KAB – Parental Rights

KAB-AR – Parental Rights-AR

KBA – Public Records

KBA AR – Public Records

KGB Public Conduct

KGC-GBK-FJCG -Tobacco-Free Environment

KL – Public Complaints

KL-AR – Public Complaints