Board Policies

Section A: Board Governance

AC – Nondiscrimination

AC-AR Discrimination Complaint Procedure

AE Public Charter School Goals

Section B: Operations

BBA Boards Powers and Duties

BBAA- Individual Board Member’s Authority & Responsibilities

BBD-BDA- Public Charter School Board Meetings

BBF – Board Member Standards of Conduct

BBFA Board Member Ethics and Conflict of Interest

BBFB Board Member Ethics and Nepotism

BDB Special and Emergency Board Meetings

BDC- Executive Sessions

BDC-AR Executive Session – News Media

BDD Board Meeting Procedures

BDDC Board Meeting Agenda

BDDG Board Meeting Minutes

BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings

BFC- Adoption & Revision of Policies

BFCA Administrative Regulations

BHD Board Member Reimbursement

BHE Board Member Liability Insurance

Section C: General School Administration

CCG-Licensed Evaluation Administrator

Section G: Personnel

GA – Personnel Policy Goals

GAA – Personnel Definitions

GAB – Job Descriptions

GB – General Personnel Policies

GBA – Equal Employment Opportunity

GBA-AR – Veterans’ Preference

GBAA – Fair Labor Standards Act

GBB – Board-Staff Communications

GBC – Staff Ethics

GBC – Conflict of Interest

GBC-2 Employee Conflict of Interest

GBDA Mother Friendly Workplace

GCAB Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media- Staff


GCBDD PBCCS Sick Leave Policy 08 2016 (1)

GBDA Mother Friendly Workplace

GBE-AR Staff Health & Safety Rules

GBEA – Workplace Harassment

GBEA – Worker’s Comp

GBEA-AR Workplace Harassment Reporting and Procedure

GBEB – Staff Communicable Diseases



GBEBAA – HIV, Aids, Bloodborne Pathogens – Staff

GBEC – Drug free Workplace

GBEC – Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Free Workplace

GBED – Medical Examinations-Drug Testing

GBED – Pre-Employment Drug Testing & Physicals

GBED-AR – Pre Employment, Post-Offer Physical – Drug Testing

GBK_KGC Tobacco Products

GBN-AR – Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

GBN JBA Sexual Harassment

GBN-JBA AR Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

GBN-JBA-AR Harassment-Bullying-Cyberbullying

GBN-JBA-AR Harassment-Bullying-Cyberbullying

GBNA- Hazing-Harassment-Intimidation-Cyberbullying-Menacing – Staff

GBNA-AR Hazing-Harassment-Intimidation-Cyberbullying-Menacing – Complaint

GCAB Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media

GCBDA – Family Medical Leave

GCDA – Criminal Records Check – Fingerprinting

GCDA-AR Criminal Records – Fingerprinting

GCN-AR-CORE-Teaching Standards

GCPD Discipline & Dismissal

GCQB – Professional Research, Publishing, Etc.

GDN-AR-Evaluation of Classified Staff

IPM Plan Powell Butte Community Charter School 08.16

Appendix A Low_Impact_Pesticide_List

Section I: Instruction

IBAB-JO – Education Records – Students with Disabilities

IGAEB -Drug-Alcohol-Tobacco Prevention-HealthEducation

IGBAB-JO-AR – Education Records of Students w-Disabilities Management

IGBBA – Identification TAG

IGBBA-AR – Appeal Procedure TAG Identification

IGBBC – Programs and Services Talented & Gifted

IHB-AR_Application_for_Enrollment_Procedure Purposed Revisions

IIBGA- Electronic Communications System

IKF Graduation Requirements

IKF-AR Graduation Requirements

Section J: Students

JB – Equal Educational Opportunity

JED – Student Absences and Excuses (1)

JEDB Continuous Enrollment-Distant Learning

JF – Student Rights-Responsibilities

JFC – Student Conduct

JFCEB – Personal Electronic Devices

JFCF Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying – Studen

JFCF-AR – Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying Reporting Procedures

JFCJ – Weapons in Schools

JFCM – Threats of Violence

JFGC Alcohol – Tobacco – Drugs

JG Student Discipline

JGA – Corporal Punishment

JGAB – Use of Restraint & Seclusion

JGAB-AR – Use of Restraint & Seclusion AR

JGD – Suspension

JGDA -Student Discipline

JGE – Expulsion

JGEA -AR – Discipline of Students w-Disabilities

JHCC Communicable Diseases – Students

JHCC-AR Communicable Diseases – Student

JHCD-JHCDA Medications

JHCD-JHCDA Medications AR 

JHCDA – Prescription Medications

JHFE- AR Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse

JHFF Reporting Sexual Conduct with Students 

JHFF AR Reporting Sexual Conduct with Students

JOA – Directory Information

JOB – Personally Identifiable Information

JFC – Student Conduct

Section K: School Community Relations

KAB – Parental Rights

KAB-AR – Parental Rights-AR

KBA – Public Records

KBA AR – Public Records

KGB Public Conduct

KGC-GBK-FJCG -Tobacco-Free Environment

KL – Public Complaints

KL-AR – Public Complaints