Volunteer & Visitor Information

PBCCS extends a warm welcome to parents/guardians and others that volunteer and visit our school and classrooms.  PBCCS works hard to assure that our students and staff are safe and that learning is not disrupted.  We have systems in place to assure that individuals in the building are supporting student learning and school operations.  


  • Due to COVID-19 protocols, during the school day, campus will only be open to essential volunteers and visitors. 
  • All volunteers spending time with students must provide proof of vaccination or complete a medical or religious exception form.  
  • All volunteers and visitors must wear a mask or face covering.  
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms of infectious illness, such as flu or COVID-19, should stay home and seek testing and care, regardless of vaccination status.


VOLUNTEERS assist teachers, administrators, or other staff in classrooms or with school programming.  A volunteer may be in direct contact with students while providing service to the school. Volunteers are required to operate under the policies and procedures of the school and/or district.   


  • Person assigned a task such as:
    • Chaperoning on a field trip
    • Working at the book fair, in the library or office
    • Providing classroom support
    • Field day
    • Exercise-a-thon
    • Class party
  • VOLUNTEERS serve under the guidance and direction of school personnel.  
  • VOLUNTEERS must complete the appropriate paperwork, background checks and training prior to volunteering.  
    • Volunteer orientation training
    • Complete Child Abuse and Boundaries training (Senate Bill 155)      
    • Background check and ODE Misconduct Check
    • Complete COVID-19 vaccination compliance
  • VOLUNTEERS must check in and out at the front office. 


A VISITOR is an individual who visits the school for a public or private event involving a student who is the individual’s child, close relative or for whom the individual is guardian. Visitors do not have repeated interaction with children at school, and would not be alone with a child other than their own.  


  • Person, parent or guardian attending/visiting for:
    • After school event
    • Parent-teacher conference
    • IEP/504 meetings
    • PTO meeting
    • Book fair with their child
  • Community/business members visiting for:
    • A singular event under the supervision of school staff 

After completing and submitting this form, Mrs. Foley will contact you regarding completing the background check, required trainings and vaccination paperwork.