VOLUNTEER TRAINING October 20th at 6:15 PM.  Please note- you only need to attend training once during your volunteer career with PBCCS.  Thank you for donating your time!

TRUNK-or-TREAT! October 28th- if you would like to be involved please contact Christine Brown at snannme03@gmail.com

Lock, Stock & Barrel- if you are interested in helping make this great event happen please contact Patty McLean at 541-280-5217 or HPMcLean@gmail.com


Parents, grandparents, community members, and friends are always welcome and encouraged to volunteer their time, talents, and expertise with our students and staff. Volunteers are the backbone to our success as a charter school.

Prior to volunteering in the classroom or on a field trip, per the Oregon Department of Education policy, volunteers must complete a background check. Back ground checks must be completed on all volunteers every three years. Please complete the following document and submit it to the office. The school will submit your application to the Public Information Verification system. You should receive clearance within 72 hours.

Per school policy, all volunteers must also complete a short training session (about 45 minutes) before a volunteering at school or accompanying a field trip. Training sessions as scheduled periodically throughout the school year.

Click on the link below to download the Volunteer Application
Volunteer Application

Any questions please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Marsh, at 541-548-1166 or smarsh@powellbuttecharterschool.org.